Inter-Service Ice Sports Championships


Wing Commander Heather Ratnage-Black

Director ISISC and Chairman Skeleton

 The 20116/17 season Inter-Service Skeleton Championships was held in Lillehammer, Norway, during a week of gloriously sunny, but cold weather, this demanding track extracted the very best from the Service athletes taking part.

The race was held over 2 days with teams of 5 men and 4 women from each Service.  After day 1 the RAF held the lead for the Men’s team with Sgt Neil Palmer leading the field individually and Capt Hayley Larcombe heading the table for the women which in turn secured top spot for the Army team. Day 2 arrived with margins between athletes and teams so narrow that there was everything to play for.  Tension and excitement in the air the teams were well prepared and focused on the task ahead.

After a thrilling morning of racing the RAF Men secured the team once again for the eleventh consecutive year; a victory that had been incredibly difficult to pull off having lost SAC Rhys Thornbury to international duties representing New Zealand.  The team of Sgt Neil Palmer, Cpl Cutmore, SAC Vickerman, SAC Donovan and SAC Carr were delighted with the retention of the title.  The ladies title was once again taken by the ARrmy, underlining their dominance in the field over the last 5 years.  The team of Larcombe, Bloomer, Moxon and Graham showed their experience and finished the event with a winning margin of 4.37 seconds.

Final results:

Men Team:                                        RAF, Army, RN

Men Individual:                                Sgt Neil Palmer RAF

Men Runner Up:                              Pte Nathan Jackson Army

Men Fastest Start:                            SAC (T) Mike Donovan


Women Team:                                  Army, RN, RAF

Women Individual:                          Capt Hayley Larcombe Army

Women Runner Up:                         Sgt Julia Bloomer Army

Women Fastest Start:                      Capt Hayley Larcombe Army